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The end of Australia

When a praying mantis takes on a bird.


This is called cross sea. A cross sea is a sea state with two wave systems traveling at oblique angles.


         An eight-ton Orca jumping 20 feet out of the water 


This is what a bubble looks like mid-pop.



         Wiltshire, England 

This is what a sunset looks like from above the clouds.

A volcano in Ethiopia that burns bright blue.

This is what lions look like in the rain.

This is what a tree farm looks like.

A huge rhododendron tree 

This is how massive Tokyo is.


Rainstorm over the city of Denver


This is a process called guttation. The plant is expelling water due to a positive root pressure.

 Russian Red Fox 


Clovers that cover the floor of the California Redwood Forest 

A castle on an island in Ireland  

 Venice from above.

 Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland 

The pyramids look from Cairo street.


Border of the United States and Canada 


This is what two hours??? worth of lightning on one pic looks like.

             Osirian Rose   


The turquoise ice formations on Lake Baikal, Russia   

 Mt. Fuji cuts through the clouds.

A snail drinking from a bubble   

 Ice Canyon, Greenland 


This is what an illegally-taken picture from one of the Greta Giza Pyramids looks like.

Apollo Metalmark Butterfly 

This is what the sun looks like when shot in Ultraviolet.


 An oasis in Libya 



  Blue butterflies in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil 

A Lenticular cloud over Mount Fuji 


This is how you tow an iceberg. In Newfoundland, icebergs are harvested for their water.


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