Why do we love dogs. DON'T MISS THIS ONE...

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Why do we love dogs. DON'T MISS THIS ONE...

These dogs are magnificent and their "handlers" are lucky to have them, just sayin'... Why do we love dogs. DON'T MISS THIS ONE....PICTURES OF OUR BEAUTIFUL MILITARY DOGS....BEAUTIFUL! They are every bit the "heroes"...thank God for the love between the soldiers and their dogs.

Amazing Dogs 
So nice to see those brave dogs being looked after!

This is my human there are many like it but this one is mine...
And the guy on the left has a BIG smile on his face. It's his dog and he is glad it found another lap to sit on instead of his.(Note the brown leash)

Oh Come On We Both Fit On This Thing!   See!?

I totally saw the dog and is wonderful wing man, never really paid attention to anything else until I started reading the comments. Thank you to our military and their very special dogs who are sent into the worse case scenarios.

My son was half of a K9 couple. His first partner was Banjo,explosives detection. Oh, the stories we've heard! His second partner was Brit, drug dog. I have nothing but the utmost respect for all K9 teams.

He/she deserved it!  Thank you for your service, sweet little puppy.

Look at the power in the thighs and shoulders of this soldier. And that beautiful, determined face. I grew up being told by my Air Force father that women could never serve in combat. Oh, yeah? Tell that to this American soldier! To paraphrase Lincoln: "SHE who shall have borne thebattle..."

He looks so fierce, but sad.. Tears rolling down his/hers face.

They trust each other!

The dog survived, the handler sadly did not.

He is receiving a medal for his service to our Country...welldeserved.

Let's go for a walk they said. It'll be fun they said.

Best friend I could of ever asked for!!!

IF ONLY we humans would love one another this way too.

Every K9 soldier would give their life for their partner, no question they are angels of war...bond beyond words.

Hey, that's an Israeli soldier!

The love of a dog is the closest thing to the love God has forthe human race. smile emoticon
Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends ...

Thank you for your service .Now run free over the rainbow bridge

Not a K9 Soldier, but nonetheless a dog who will serve.  His contribution to morale and mental health of the soldiers who found him, take care of him, and will hopefully bring him home with them should also berecognized. Not a War Dog, but still a Dog of War.

THAT is an awesome picture!!!

The sharp dried weeds/grass was probably hurting the dog's feet. Saw another picture once whe-re the human soldier was carrying his dog overburning hot sand.  If it's too hot or cold on the ground for you to go barefooted, it's too hot or cold for animals too.
He ain't heavy he's my brother!

This is the family of fallen Marine Cpl Dustin Lee.  They were allowed to adopt "Lex".

"that's not a dog, THAT'S A MARINE."

He looks like he's saying its okay we got this covered.

Look after them like they looked after you.

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